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About Us

Receive a unique score for your film and game.
We are two studied composers and will ensure a high quality composition for you. 

Give your project a highly professional sound. 
Thanks to our education in mix and production we'll make sure to add ear candy to the soundtrack.

Gain flexibility without a compromise in soundquality. 
The realism of our Mockups makes hiring an orchestra an option, not a necessity.


Based in London and Cologne, we work around the clock to meet tight deadlines.

Your soundtrack is in good hands. 
We are experienced having worked on international cinema, TV and game productions.

We ensure a comfortable and effective communication with you and your team. 
With our proven system you will stay on top of our progress.

Michael Firmont

I’m from Saarland, Germany. A country famously known for its classical composers. But at 19 years old I took the long haired, blared amp, metal headed approach instead. I learned the guitar and found my passion for film music along the way. I decided to study film composition at ArtEZ Conservatory in the Netherlands where I met my now partner Lars Hempel. I always strive to bring the passion I felt when I first discovered my love for music and metal to everything I do. Still eager to learn and discover what the world of scoring has to offer I am currently in Cologne, Germany obtaining my Masters in Video Game Scoring. 

Lars Hempel

As a child in Hamburg, Germany  I was tortured with constant piano lessons that seemed to go on for hours on end. In an attempt to musically rebel against Bach I began beatboxing and creating remixes to Mozarts work, constantly performing my renditions and ultimately leading me towards my love affair with music composition. Music became my passion and I was determined to explore all of its facets. Eager to continue this exploration I received my Bachelors in Audio - engineering and  went on to study film composition at the ArtEZ Conservatory where I met my now partner Michael Firmont. I have now garnered experience working on various productions where I was able to implement my passion and dedication to my work. In my ambition to continue discovering the various facets of film composition I am currently refining my skills with a Masters degree at the Royal College of Music in London, England.

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